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Mibolerone Powder Quick Details:
CAS ID: 3704-09-4
Biological half-life: 2-4 hours.
Formula: C20H30O2
Molar mass: 302.4558 g/mol
Administration: Oral
Appearance: white to beige powder.

Mibolerone Powder Description:
Mibolerone is a liquid preparation of the steroid mibolerone, which are used by bodybuilders, power lifters, strength athletes and fighters, all for the purpose of increasing aggression and performance on the day of competition.
Mibolerone is effective when used just 30 minutes before competition. The user will experience increased aggression, focus and competitive drive. Although this steroid does not contain any direct stimulants, it displays a very noticeable action on CNS (Central Nervous System) through a sort of androgen overload.

Mibolerone Powder Applications:
Due to the short half-life of Mibolerone, it is most commonly used by athletes about 30-40 minutes before their sporting event. Cheque drops are placed under the athletes tongue, and effects including aggression, strength and adrenaline rush are felt rapidly. The drug leaves the body with in approximately four hours.

Mibolerone Powder Half-life:
Cheque Drops are taken orally and must be taken daily. Doses normally fall in the 200-300mcg per day range but may increase to 500mcg per day in some cases. Doses are always taken before training, approximately 30-40 minutes before training, a fight or event. There are no therapeutic doses recommended as this steroid has never been used medically for human purposes.

Mibolerone Powder Side effects:
Side effects include but are not limited to: severe acne, deepened voice, as well as depression of menstruation and clitoral enlargement and err vaginal secretion (if that´s an issue ). If taken by a pregnant female athlete, it would have possible effects on the fetus, as well as alter serum lipids. Remember, this stuff is used to control bitches in heat (and no, that wasn´t slang; it´s really used to control female dogs that are ovulating).

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